Decorative Book Cover Illustration
This is a decorative cover illustration for a book. The concept is Art Nouveau style
book design that is inspired by book cover illustrations from Folio Society. The
illustration was made using Procreate and Photoshop. The typeface is my
own handwritten calligraphy using an ink based brush. 

Food Illustration
These food illustrations were personal projects, both illustrations and texts were
done in Procreate. These should be used for menu designs, packaging designs or
social media posts for marketing for a restaurant.

Logo Design and Mobile Web Design
The concept for this project is to design a logo for a company called “The Wedding
Wagon’. I used Retro type illustrations, the colour palettes are in black and red.
The typeface Pompiere was edited to create the word mark with  letter d’s in it
to look like wedding rings. 

Packaging Design and Web Design
The concept of this design is to create a packaging design for a furniture
company’s fabric swatches that they send to prospective buyers. The web design
and packaging are both minimalist with bright and contrasting colours. The designs were created on illustrator. 

Crop Circle Typeface Design
This typeface was inspired by X-files  as a decorative typeface for type designs on
shirts, stickers and pins. This typeface was created using illustrator, basic shapes
including circles, triangles and squares were overlayed on top of each other to
create each letter..

Editorial Illustration
This Editorial Illustration project is based on the New York Time’s article about Lt.
Vindman being attacked on Twitter by Trump and Fox News. The concept was to
integrate references from the Hitchcock movie “The Birds” using the Twitter logo
and with a moody background behind the Lieutenant’s portrait to visually
communicate the message.
Marketing Campaign and Web Design
The key graphics for this marketing campaign focused the supervised access
that is offered by Pathstone. The pallette developed was soft and light to
contrast with the emotional aspect of the imagery. The typeface is Helvetica
to allow the message to come through effectively.

Be World Ready Poster Design
The concept was vector based illustrations of students of diverse race, gender and
ethnicity. The word mark is a bold sans serif type  that spans most of the poster. The
typeface is big and visible from a distance to entice students to inspect further and
know more about the college program. 

Digital Portrait Illustration
This is another personal work, made using Procreate. It can be used for
social media profiles. Under bylines to introduce the author, or printed out and
enlarged for a digital portrait that can be framed and displayed.